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Make An Appointment with Planning

Division Information

The Planning Division provides staff support to the City Council and Planning Commission formulating and administering plans, programs, design guidelines and legislation for guiding the city’s development in a manner consistent with the community’s social, economic and environmental goals.

In accordance with State Law, maintain a comprehensive and defensible General Plan which is adopted by city council and accurately reflects long and short-range community goals and environmental concerns relating to Land Use, Housing, Circulation, Safety, Open Space, Noise, Design, Economic Development and Conservation.

Administer and coordinate city, State and regional land use regulations and other legislation to ensure developments that are consistent with the city’s standards, policies and plans which enhance the quality and character of the community.

Provide Technical assistance to developers and citizens in a manner which facilitates their compliance with development standards and regulations with a minimum of inconvenience.

Housing Element 2021-2029
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In 2019, the city updated the Land Use Element of the General Plan, which resulted in changes to allowed land uses and residential and commercial intensities. 

Now the City will be updating the Housing and Safety Elements and creating a new Environmental Justice element. The City of Monterey Park want to hear from you!  Checkout, the website provides all the information you will need to stay up to date and provide feedback on the project, including upcoming community workshops, City public meetings, reports and resources, and other opportunities.

Educate the community about sustainability issues and environmentally conscious practices.

New Development Projects

Whitmore Villas 63-Unit Condominium Development

Celadon Mixed-use Project - 114 E. Garvey Avenue


View photos of newly constructed or remodeled projects in the City in Featured Projects.

Planning Staff