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The Going Green program will empower Monterey Park to become a leader in sustainability as a city and as a community. Integrating past plans and engaging in best sustainable practices will ensure a safe and healthy future for current and future generations. 


Monterey Park's Going Green Program has been featured in the 2023 Mid-Year Impact report for CivicWell, a nonprofit supporting sustainable solutions and the leaders and communities that implement them. Click below to read the report and discover how Monterey Park is building capacity to mitigate and adapt to climate change. Going Green Webpage Buttons

How to Get Involved
Monterey Park provides many opportunities to get involved with sustainable programs and activities throughout the year. 

Follow Monterey Park on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for #GoingGreenMPK events and updates or check the City Event Calendar.  

Contact Us

Phone: (626) 307-1315

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