Developer Information

Water Meter & Fire Service Installation Requirements

The following are City of Monterey Park Water Utility Division requirements for developer / contractor installation of water meters and fire services.

  1. Pursuant to Sections 14.12.115 of the City of Monterey Park Municipal Code, metered water service impact fees shall be paid for the use of water meters before they are installed. Fire service impact fees, pursuant to Section 14.12.165, shall be paid at the same time. It is the developer's responsibility to pay the impact fees that are appropriate for their development.
  2. Application and fees for water service must be paid in advance of installation. Application for water service must be submitted at least one month prior to installation. 75% of the estimated total water service and meter installation cost and the full amount of the impact fee must be submitted at the cashier's counter in City Hall. Cost information is available from the Water Utility Division Distribution Section.
  3. A water plan must be submitted for review and approved by the City Engineer. These plans shall include an engineering study that substantiates adequate water supply for domestic, fire and irrigation demands.
  4. Development plans must be submitted to the Building and Safety counter for plan review. The developer / contractor must include mechanical, plumbing, irrigation, site utility, and fire protection plans that indicate type and location of approved backflow preventer where applicable.
  5. Water meter sizing (2" and under) will be sized by using the National Plumbing Meter Sizing Standards. Forms (PDF) are available at the building and safety counter or you can view online for a printable version.
  6. All meters over 2" shall be sized by an architect or a civil engineer.
  7. All domestic and fire services shall be separate lines from city mains to the developed property.
  8. The developer/contractor must request a fire flow test from the Fire Prevention Division.
  9. Size of a fire protection service shall be determined by hydraulic calculations approved by the Fire Prevention Division. Fire protection services shall not be less than 2" in diameter.
  10. An approved "Double Check Detector Assembly" shall be installed behind the city right-of-way line and on private property. for fire classes 13, 13D, 13R, 1, and 2. Fire classes 3, 4, and 5 will be evaluated by the Water Utility Division on the contingency of an on-site auxiliary water supply system.
  11. Water needed for construction may be obtained from an existing water service at the property after submitting an application at the cashier's counter at City Hall. Water hoses that obstruct city sidewalks will NOT be permitted.
  12. Contractors can obtain water for construction from a nearby fire hydrant by submitting an application to the cashier's counter at City Hall. A $10 installation fee and a $250 deposit for the meter and eddy valve are required. The $250 deposit will be refunded when the equipment is returned in good condition.
  13. All new water service installations shall be made by the City of Monterey Park Water Utility Division employees only. Costs are actual City labor hours and costs for materials and equipment, plus 30% overhead.
  14. Contractors are not permitted to operate any City water valves. For assistance operating City water valves, contact the Water Utility Division Distribution Section.
  15. The contractor shall indicate on the street curb with a blue or yellow marker, a "W" for the water meter location and a "F" for any fire service location.
  16. Water meters shall be located more than six feet from any tree or sewer line, and more than four feet from the top X portion of a driveway. For further information on service locations contact the Water Utility Division Distribution Section.
  17. Domestic services shall terminate in a meter box, behind the curb. The fire service will terminate behind the property line.
  18. The contractor shall be responsible for connections from the customer's service line to the water meter and/or fire service as soon as practical after installation.
  19. Should changes in site plans warrant water service relocation, the contractor is liable for any additional costs.
  20. Backflow assemblies shall be installed internally and/or at the service connection as required by the State of California, Administrative Code, Title 17 - Public Health entitled "Regulation Relating to Cross-Connection", the County of Los Angeles, Department of Health Services, Cross-Connection and Water Pollution Control Section, and the City of Monterey Park Municipal Code, Section 14.10.
  21. Where a water service provides water to more than one commercial / industrial unit, an approved "Reduced Pressure Principle Assembly" shall be installed on the service line within the customer's property line, as close to the water meter as practical.
  22. An approved "Double Check Valve Assembly" is required on each water service where two or more services supplying water from different connections to the same building, structure, or premises occurs. The Double Check Valve assembly shall be installed on the service line within the customer's property line, and as close to the water meter as practical.
  23. Damage to water service lines occurring during construction will be repaired by the City's Water Utility Division on a time, material, and equipment rate plus a 30% overhead charge.