New Residents

The Monterey Park City Council and staff extends a warm welcome to you, as you become a member and neighbor within our community. Our city has a very long and proud history, and as a new resident, you are probably curious about what exciting things are offered to you as a resident. Monterey Park is a full-service city, providing its own fire, police, recreational, library, street maintenance, parks, and water services to the community. In addition to these services, a wide range of educational and recreational programs are offered as well as a number of cultural celebrations.

New Resident Information

As a new resident, here is some information to help you get settled in your new residence:

  • For new water and trash service, please come to City Hall to the cashier counter. You will be required to fill out an application for service and leave a deposit on the account. Please also make sure to bring a proper identification card such as a driver's license.
    • For trash service, each household is assigned one black container for refuse and recyclables and one green container for yard waste. You will have a choice of selecting either a 96-gallon or a 64-gallon container size when signing up for service. For those who have chosen the 96-gallon container, you also have the option of obtaining an additional 96-gallon container for an additional monthly cost. There is no need for you to separate your recyclables, as our refuse is taken to a facility that hand sorts and removes any recyclable product.
    • Multiple units at one service address must subscribe to the same size containers.
    • Please keep in mind there will be a container delivery fee every time there is a change in service levels.
  • For landline telephone service, contact AT&T or any other telephone service company providing service to Monterey Park.
  • For electricity service, contact Southern California Edison.
  • For gas service, contact the Southern California Gas Company.
  • The city's government access TV channel, MPK-TV, is available on AT&T U-verse and Charter Communications. Other providers may be available in your area.