Building Permits

About Building Permits

Other than a few items that are exempt, a building permit is required to construct, install, alter, repair, relocate or demolish any building or structure such as a garage, patio, retaining wall, swimming pool, roofing, windows, etc.  Please see section 105.2 of the Municipal Code for items that are exempt from building permits.

  • Electrical permit is required to install, alter, repair, relocate or remove a lighting fixture, an electrical equipment or appliance, etc.
  • Mechanical permit for heating, air conditioning, commercial hoods, exhaust fans, etc.
  • Plumbing permit for water heaters, water closets, sinks, etc.

Permit Requirements

A separate permit is required for each building, with the exception that a single-family house and its detached garage may be covered in one permit. A "building permit" does not include the associated electrical, mechanical or plumbing permits. These trade permits, however, may be bundled with a building permit and become a "combo permit" all together.

  • A separate Grading Permit is required from the Public Works Department if the cut and fill of grade adjustment exceed 50 cubic yards.
  • Fire-sprinkler or fire-alarm systems require separate permits from Fire Prevention.

Examples of Work

These are the kinds of work that require a permit include:

  • Chimney repair
  • Drywall (gypsom wall board) replacement
  • Fire damage repair
  • Installation of security bars over windows
  • Re-roof
  • Upgrade of electrical panel
  • Voluntary seismic strengthening work
  • Water heater replacement
  • Window and door change-out