Revenue Collection Division

The Revenue Collection Division provides a range of revenue-related services, including preparing the Master Schedule of Fees and Charges, accounts receivable, cashiering services, the billing and collection of license fees and utility charges, the processing of applications for new businesses and water and trash services, the processing of special permits, the issuance of business licenses and the collection of delinquent accounts.  Specific service objectives are:

  • Ensure prompt and courteous customer services
  • Collect all money received by the City
  • Maintain information on water utility, trash, and business license services
  • Bill and collect for water/trash accounts every two months
  • Bill and collect yearly for business licenses
  • Ensure prompt and courteous enforcement of the City's business license regulations
  • Administer and monitor revenue programs for the Transient Occupancy Tax, Admissions Tax, and Utility Users Tax
  • Administer and monitor Utility Users Tax Exemption Program and the lifeline rates for water and trash services


Payments can be made at the cashier area using cash, check, credit card (Visa or Mastercard), or EasyPay (direct debit for utility bills).

Revenue Collection Subdivisions