Past Housing Projects

Housing Mandate Information

One of the mandates of the Monterey Park Redevelopment Agency is to increase the supply of housing available to persons of low and moderate incomes. During the past several years, the Agency has been very successful in meeting this goal. In fact, since 1997, the Agency has, thru private/public partnerships, been responsible for the development of 248 new affordable housing units.

Monterey Housing Development


  • TELACU Monterey Park Plaza, a 67-unit development located at Ramona and Newmark Avenues, across the street from Monterey Park City Hall. The project, which opened in 1997, was the first new housing for low and very low-income seniors in Monterey Park in several years.
  • Abajo del Sol, a 61-unit senior housing project located at Garvey Avenue and Abajo Drive. The Agency, working with a private developer, was able to redevelop this site, which had contained a previous multiple family housing project that had been vacant and condemned since the 1987 Whittier earthquake. Abajo del Sol opened in 2001.
  • Pacific Bridge Developmentally Disabled Housing, a single family home that was converted to house six adults with developmental disabilities. This home, located at Harding and McPherrin Avenues, adjacent to Barnes Park, fits into the surrounding residential neighborhood and allows the residents the opportunity to work locally while living as part of the community.
  • Monterey Park Senior Village, the newest affordable senior development in the community, is located on Potrero Grande Drive in the southeastern portion of the city. This project, developed privately with Agency assistance, provides a comfortable and friendly living environment with access to shopping and other services of interest to seniors.