Flashing Yellow Left Turn Arrows

MPK FYA Image w-sign

What the Arrows Mean

Flashing yellow arrows graphic: what arrows mean with stack explanation.

Left-turn flashing yellow arrow signals have been used throughout California and the United States to improve traffic flow at intersections. These signals provides more efficient left-turn movements by providing more opportunities for vehicles to pass through the intersection.

In addition to a protected green left-turn arrow, the flashing yellow arrow permits motorists to make left-turns after yielding to oncoming traffic, bicyclists and pedestrians, and proceeding when safe to make the turn.

Left-turn flashing arrows will look a bit different to pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists. Research suggests they are more intuitive and safer than traditional signals when drivers turn left and must yield to oncoming traffic.

Studies by the Federal Highway Administration show the FYA display increases safety because it's more effective at catching driver's attention when yielding to oncoming traffic.

Flashing arrow signals are planned for the following intersections:

  • S. Garfield Ave. and Graves Ave. (January 28, 2022)
  • N. Garfield Ave. and Hellman Ave. (January 2023)
  • N. Garfield Ave. and Emerson Ave. (January 2023) 
  • N. Alhambra Ave. and Hellman Ave. (January 2023) 

Map Flashing Yellow Locations

For questions about the flashing yellow left-turn arrows, please contact the Engineering Division at 626-307-1320.