When will my property(ies) be inspected?

Inspections are being conducted on a systematic basis with consideration of the building density and potential for fire, life, and panic emergencies. The FD’s compliance plan has a minimum performance goal of completing all associated apartment housing annual inspections and follow-up compliance inspections each calendar year. You can anticipate that your property will be inspected beginning January 1st thru December 31st.

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1. Why is my apartment building being inspected by the fire department?
2. When will my property(ies) be inspected?
3. What am I required to do prior to the inspection?
4. What will be the areas of focus during the Fire Department inspection?
5. Why have I received a “Notice of Violation” (NOV) from Code Enforcement?
6. Is there a cost associated with the Fire Department inspection?
7. How will I know the results of the inspection on my property?