Local Utility Companies Serving Monterey Park

Cable TV, Internet, and Phone Service

Spectrum (formerly Charter Communications) (866) 499-8080 https://www.spectrum.net/
AT & T (800) 310-2355 https://www.att.com/ 


Southern California Edison (SCE)    (800) 684-8123     https://www.sce.com/ 


Southern California Gas Company     (800)427-2200    https://www.socalgas.com/


AT & T     (800) 310-2355    https://www.att.com/ 

Trash Services                                                                          

Athen’s Trash Services (Residential and Commercial)     (626) 336-6100  https://athensservices.com
Ware Disposal (Commercial only)     (877)714-9273     https://www.waredisposal.com/


Monterey Park Water Utility      (626) 307-1342     Monterey Park Utility
San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District     (626)448-6183     http://sgvmwd.org/ 
California Water Service     (323) 722-8601    https://www.calwater.com/

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1. Local Utility Companies Serving Monterey Park
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