How will this affect access to my street?
During the slurry seal application, access to your street will be interrupted for a maximum of 12 hours, one day only, unless the contractor is delayed due to equipment failures, weather-related problems, or other unforeseen reasons. If your street is not sealed as scheduled, it will be added toward the end of the list and you will be re-notified 24 to 48 hours in advance of the contractor returning and sealing your street. If your street is scheduled to be slurried, you will be asked not to drive or park on the listed day or to use your sprinklers or water hose. This will help to prevent aesthetic damage to the slurry.

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1. What is Slurry Seal?
2. What does it do?
3. When will my street be slurried?
4. How will this affect access to my street?
5. How will this affect the mail and other services?
6. What will city crews be doing to prepare the streets for slurry seal?
7. What will city crews be doing after my street is slurried?
8. Why are small rocks collecting along the edge of my street?