Senior Trips and Tours

Langley Senior Center offers several trips and excursions throughout the year at reduced rates for our senior citizens 50 years and older. Most excursions depart from Langley Center, located at 400 West Emerson Avenue located in the City of Monterey Park. Signup with the tour director at the center for all excursions. Trips are limited and are on a first pay basis. The Trips and Tour desk is open Monday to Friday from 8 a.m.-4 p.m. If you have any questions, call Langley Center at 626-307-1396.

Trip Information

  • Trips depart from and return to Langley Center.
  • Trips are limited and are on a first pay basis.
  • Make your reservation early.
  • Due to hotel limitations, on over night state-side trips the group is limited to only two singles all other reservations will be for double occupancy.
  • All casino dividends are subject to change.


Notification of cancellations may be made at least (10) business days prior and Overnight Trips at least (30) business days prior with your receipt less the cancellation fee. 

  • You may not transfer from one trip to another without paying cancellation fees.

Langley Trips and Tour Listing