Public Transportation

Regional and Local Service

Public transit service, including the city's own Spirit bus system and Metrolink commuter rail, offer people alternatives to travel by private automobile. Use of transit has the beneficial effect of reducing vehicles on freeways and arterial roadways, and reducing air pollutant emissions.

The city is committed to maintaining the local bus system, Dial-a-Ride, and regional transportation system to meet the public transportation needs of city residents. Spirit Bus routes are reviewed periodically to ensure that residents' needs are being met. In particular, the city's goal is to ensure that downtown is adequately served, including loop route service that implements the "park once and shop" strategy for downtown and along the Garvey Avenue corridor.

Public Transportation

The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority and Montebello Bus Lines provide regional bus service to city residents. The city provides a local-circulator bus system, Spirit Bus, which complements regional bus service and accommodates local trips. Several routes provide service within the city, with a route also extending to the Metrolink commuter train station at the California State University, Los Angeles campus just northwest of Monterey Park.


In addition to regional and local fixed route bus services, Dial-a-Ride is available to seniors age 55 years and older to destinations within Monterey Park and to medical facilities in adjacent communities. Regional door-to-door service for disabled persons is available through Access Services.

Senior Citizen Transportation Efforts

Buses serving the local community experience a high level of ridership by Monterey Park residents. The community has a significant elderly population that relies on public transit to access shopping centers and medical facilities. The city anticipates a continuing demand over time by all segments of the local population, but specifically elderly residents.

Goal Four

Make public transportation convenient, safe, and responsive to changing transit demands.

  • Policy 4.1
    Review Spirit Bus routes and schedules on a regular basis to ensure that users' needs are being met.
  • Policy 4.2
    Expand existing Spirit Bus routes to service Focus Areas identified in the Land Use Element.
  • Policy 4.3
    Consider creating a Spirit Bus Downtown loop route.
  • Policy 4.4
    Link local bus service to other transit centers in adjacent communities, including MetroLink stations and planned Eastside Corridor light rail or similar stations.
  • Policy 4.5
    Work with the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority to establish bus routes and stops at appropriate locations throughout the city to adequately serve retail, employment, and other public gathering areas.
  • Policy 4.6
    Require new non-residential development projects to accommodate transit at appropriate locations throughout the city.
  • Policy 4.7
    Investigate the feasibility of establishing a multimodal transit center at East Los Angeles Community College.
  • Policy 4.8
    Continue to work with transit service providers to identify short-term and long-term mobility needs in Monterey Park, and to ensure that those needs are met.
  • Policy 4.9
    Explore partnership opportunities between the public and private sectors for providing transit and para-transit services.