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Share Your Ideas

We want to hear from you and listen to your ideas and plans. To participate, answer a few questions to share your thoughts and ideas on what can be done to make Monterey Park a more Healthy and Sustainable Community. What challenges do you see? What opportunities should be explored?

Take the online survey or print the survey (PDF) and share it with your friends and family, and then drop it off at City Hall or fax them in.

General Plan Sustainable Community & Healthy Community Elements

The City of Monterey Park was awarded a state grant to develop two new “Elements” or chapters for its General Plan:

  • Healthy Community Element
  • Sustainable Community Element

About the Elements

The elements will promote increased quality of life for the Monterey Park community, through goals and policies that support improved health and sustainability. Both Elements will be developed through an interactive process with the community. The Elements will reflect the community’s vision for a Healthy and Sustainable Monterey Park while addressing the city’s current challenges and needs.

The Healthy Community Element is anticipated to address topics such as access to healthy food, opportunities for physical activity, and safety, among others. The Sustainable Community Element will address sustainable practices across multiple dimensions including transportation, energy and resource conservation, land development, and more.

Resources & Documents

The work upon which the publications are based was funded in whole or in part through a grant awarded by the Strategic Growth Council. 

The statements and conclusions of the publications are those of the grantee and/or subcontractor and not necessarily those of the Strategic Growth Council or of the Department of Conservation, or its employees.

 The Strategic Growth Council and the Department make no warranties, express or implied, and assume no liability for the information contained in the succeeding text.

How to Get Involved
The city will be conducting a number of community workshops and other events to hear from the community. These activities will seek answers to questions such as, “What does it mean for Monterey Park to be healthy and sustainable?” “What challenges do we need to address?” and “What steps do we need to take to achieve our vision?” Information on the workshops and events will be posted here so remember to check back regularly.

For More Information
If you'd like to receive occasional email updates about opportunities to participate, please sign up for our email list. Updates about the program and upcoming events will be sent out to everyone signed up for emails. For more information about the project, please contact the Planning Division or by phone at 626-307-1315.

Interesting events and useful resources are being discovered as we search for public outreach partners to assist in developing the Health and Sustainability Elements. Any events or resources that can be beneficial to residents and community members will be posted here as they are discovered

  • SGV Train (PDF): A fun bike ride along the Emerald Necklace on the last Sunday of every month
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